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Conversation Between Rabbit and dcwarcraft
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  1. dcwarcraft
    I have been doing a lot of reading on Nihilum Raid Tracker lately and been testing it in game.
    My guild plans on using this add on to track attendance and loot dropped during raids.

    The main feature I love is the ability to kick off attendances PER HOUR instead of per boss kill.
    We will assign DKP based on hourly attendance and not based on the amount of bosses killed by the raid.

    I will setup NRT to only record members in Groups 1-5 of the main raid.
    Any players on the bench or who have dropped the raid group for quests/alts have 3 mins to whisper the attendance taker to be added to that "attendance".

    Now, this is all great.... ON TO MY PROBLEM...
    I have no idea how to upload the attendance/loot information from NRT to EQDKP.
    Since NRT doesn't automatically assign values to items, I would also need to add the DKP value of the drop during/after upload.

    NRT is a popular add on but I can't seem to find ANY information online regarding usage with EQDKP.
    I have posted messages on Wowace, Curse, and the Nihilum Forums asking for help but its been 6 days and no responses.

    If you know how to upload the attendance/Loot information captured in NRT to EQDKP please help me.

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