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Default FuBar_CorkFu error

No official thread here, just a number of scattered bug reports. So adding to the scatter .

Installed long ago, but not used too much. Finally decided to actually use it .

r52858, fully updated standalone libraries. Error that appeared some time during a raid last night; a single count occurred:

"FuBar_CorkFu-2.0\\BuffTemplate.lua:134: attempt to concatenate a nil value"
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Default Re: FuBar_CorkFu error

There used to be an official thread, but it was locked and must have been deleted.

You'll probably have to live with the errors on this one.
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Default Re: FuBar_CorkFu error

I had the same issue. I replaced line 134 with these lines and it fixed it for me.

local classColor
if GetClassColor(unit) ~= nil then
  classColor = "|cff".. GetClassColor(unit)
  classColor = ""
local color = (UnitInParty(unit) or UnitInRaid(unit)) and classColor or "|cff00ff00"
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