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Default Re: Addon spam

Originally Posted by Matrix110 View Post
Auzentech drivers are less bloated than Creatives are but the fact remains that they are from Creative in their vital parts, so you buy the awesome Creative fail with your expensive Auzentech Card with higher quality components but still get the popping issues because of junk drivers :P (it doesnt apply to everybody, many the cards work without problems but the % they dont is alot higher than for other products)
If you are using Vista you sometimes will get the memory bug, which causes Windows own audiodg.exe to eat up memory till your PC crashes or till you net stop and restart it...
The creative Support cant help you because they just deny that such a problem exists for anybody else, even though you can read it in their forums or google it :P
I would never ever buy a Creative Soundcard (or anything that uses their drivers/software) again, the quality of the cards are fine the problem is purely on the Software side, which they obviously dont want to get under control.
I was excited about Auzentech at first, but once they made their "deal with the devil" (Creative) I lost interest.

If you dont mind the inferior quality of Onboard Soundcards stay with it or buy Asus Xonar Card, or if you dont mind having a fat chance of driver failure go with Creative...(or Auzentechs X-FI Cards for that matter)
If your on-board sound is from Realtek then don't bother buying an external sound card unless you have surround sound issues in Vista/Win7. Realtek has decent hardware and they offer regularly updated reference drivers from their web site.

I bought an Asus Xonar DX card for my old desktop just before I upgraded to a laptop as my main WoW machine, and it's great. Their hardware, firmware and drivers support EVERYTHING (EAX, DirectSound3D, OpenAL, DDL/DTS realtime 5.1 digital encoding, etc. - well, maybe not ASIO I guess). I can't wait until I build another desktop gaming machine to put that card into. My only complaint is that it seemed to prevent my motherboard's (an Asus mobo ironically) second SATA controller from working properly for some reason.
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Default Re: Addon spam

Originally Posted by HunterZ View Post
That may not be true either. Checking "Use Hardware" offloads effects processing onto the sound card driver, which can in turn either pass it to the sound card or use the CPU to do it (depending on the driver and sound hardware). In the case that the sound card driver is doing effects processing on the CPU, it may still be able to do it on a separate core than WoW's main thread(s).
I wasn't talking "offloading" i general, I was referencing the offloading of sound processing onto another CPU core in the paragraph that quote came from.

Regardless of how much processing the sound driver/system CPU does vs. primarily sound hardware, there always be some the driver does (translating the processed sound, etc.). But might be interesting to find out if non-multicore sound drivers can do their work (whatever amount of work it is depending on the processing the sound chip does) in a separate core from WoW when "Use hardware" is checked.
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