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Default Re: Rock + Ace3

If you combined all the Ace3 library files together into one single Lua file (minus AceConfigDialog), it would be about the same size as Dongle's single file, maybe just slightly larger. Certainly makes distribution easier to include one large file as opposed to many small ones. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Ace3's goal is to have each sub-library so small that embedding them would incur a negligible cost. Dongle's goal is to have just one file that is hard-embedded so that embedding it would be stupidly easy.
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Default Re: Rock + Ace3

Originally Posted by Xinhuan View Post
While I generally don't like that a 1.5 year old thread is dug out and necro-ed for discussion (Phanx might even lock it while I won't), it is probably a thread worth looking at in retrospect at the development history and controversy that surrounded the addon frameworks back then.

Ace3 eventually outperformed Rock by

- Being much much smaller in both file sizes, memory footprint.
- Easier to learn because it only comes with core functionality needed by most addons, and not the extra stuff that only 1 in 100 addons will use that Rock can do.
- Being created and maintained by a team of authors, rather than by one person.

Rock also had some "political" addon issues, most of which revolved around
- Talent data sharing (before Blizzard implemented talent inspection).
- Using of a nearly unused Blizzard savedvar (this savedvar tells the default UI whether to make the talent button glow on a login indicating you have leveled up and not assigned your talent point yet) to save a rock config setting (whether to show the rock icon on the minimap).
- Loading time degradation by using collectgarbage() calls unnecessarily.
I think your entire post can be summed up with the bolded statement. Anything with a group provides more insight, etc.

Originally Posted by xbeeps View Post
And you ask where Dongle went?

It's still there, it survived by being so unobtrusively small, that its just a single lua file you put right in you addon folder together with the other files, and no one even notices, and no one even bothers to make any drama about it, because they can't even tell its a "framework". But i'm still kinda happy Rock is no more. It almost doubled my load times single handedly...
I wouldn't say it's no more. Not being maintained but there are some very popular addons out there that use it still.

What about jostle? And remember the good old mod that used Ace3 and Rock because both of them are better than none?
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Default Re: Rock + Ace3

One more thing that should be mentioned (and has been indirectly mentioned) besides active maintenance, is that Ace3 libraries do not absolutely require each other in order to be usable in an addon. Sure, they are designed to "support" each other so to speak, but they provide authors with choices, for example you can embed libraries such as AceLocale-3.0, AceTimer-3.0, AceHook-3.0, AceEvent-3.0 etc as "standalones", without having to embed AceAddon-3.0 at all.
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Default Re: Rock + Ace3

I vote for locking the thread.
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