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Default Alt-Tab Toggle

project page:

Alt-Tab Toggle forces the game to the foreground on events. It's based off similar mod from vanilla WoW that broke during BC. By default ATT only plays a sound on events, the forcing the window forward tends to crash some people and the bug has been reported in other mods that use the same gxRestart method.

Events that ATT will toggle include
* Auctioneer scan, search and post complete (2.0.6beta)
* BankStack complete (2.0.3beta)
* BG Deserter debuff expire,
* BG idle debuff,
* Enemy detected,
* Enter Battleground window,
* Enter combat,
* Flight land,
* Group invite,
* Group ready check,
* LFG boot proposal,
* LFG enter proposal,
* LFG role check,
* Summon request,
* Trade skill finish crafting (2.0.8beta),
* Whispers,
* Wintergrasp Starting,
* Zeppelin arrival (1.4.1beta).

Let me know if there's other events that would be useful to toggle on. Even other addon's events.
I plan on adding dungeon deserter/cooldown expire and ingame alarm but they'd only work in window mode. They don't fire any events when they're finished.

update: Added events
* BG gates opening
* Dual request (2.1.5beta)
* Mailbox, finished looting (2.1.7beta) helpful when using Postal's Open All feature
* Resurrection request (2.1.2beta)

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Default Re: Alt-Tab Toggle

Works your addon with patch 4.01 or should we wait for a compatible version?
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Default Re: Alt-Tab Toggle

Why are wowace/curse tickets and comments disabled on this project? Are you simply not interested in any feedback or suggestions from users?
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Default Re: Alt-Tab Toggle

Most likely, he wants to keep feedback in a single place -- this forum thread.
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Default Re: Alt-Tab Toggle

Toggled event suggestion:
- Rez sickeness ends

Other than that, awesome addon!
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Default Re: Alt-Tab Toggle

requested: a method by which to change the sound for all events at once.
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alt tabbed, alttab, gxrestart

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