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Default Other widgets in an options table

Trying to decide how much I can [ab]use the 'dialogControl' field in an options table, or if that's even the best way to go. I'd appreciate feedback.

I've got an options table, with childGroups='tab'. Most of the tabs are the typical UI controls generated from the options table, plus the standard profiles tab. I would like one of the tabs to display a TreeGroup container (populated by hand).

I know that this is outside what AceConfigDialog normally does. I also know that coming at it from the other end, trying to build the equivalent options panels by hand using AceGUI, is going to be tedious and unmaintainable. What I'm hoping is for some way to meet in the middle: let ACD do its usual thing for all but one tab, and then hook into that tab's OnGroupSelected somehow to build that panel myself.

Looking at AceConfigDialog, there doesn't seem to be a way of letting the GroupSelected()->FeedGroup() combo give the caller any direct control. That's understandable.

Stepping out a level and looking at it from an AceGUI viewpoint, there doesn't seem to be any method of grabbing the raw TabGroup container widget and adding my own tab onto the end. Also understandable.

Looking at the problem from inside the options table, the custom dialogControl attribute looks at first to be exactly what I want... except it's only present on (a) individual controls, which (b) are limited to input, select, multiselect.

I have an idea on where to go next, but it's just as disgusting as all the previous approaches would have been if they had been possible. Would like to hear others' thoughts before I continue down this dark path.
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