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Question More FuBar vs. LDB/Broker felgerkarb

So I've gone over as many threads as I could read in about two hours, and it appears that FuBar is no longer supported. I'm not going to question this, or want to know why, or if someone else is going to pick it up, or anything like that.

I hear that the addons Bazooka and something called Fubar2Broker or Broker2Fubar, or something like that, work together to replace the functionality of Fubar.

There's one problem I see with this.

Bazooka is up to date for patch 4.0.1 but Broker2Fubar/Fubar2Broker is not up to date for patch *3.1.* It's not up to date for the old ULDUAR patch that came out a year and a half ago IIRC.

In the meantime Fubar 3.6 is up to date for patch 3.3.5.

So to get back the functions of an addon that is compatible with 3.3.5, I have to download an addon that is only compatible with ... 3.0.2?

Programming the last thing about computers I even claim to be well-versed in, but something doesn't appear to add up here.

What am I missing?
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Default Re: More FuBar vs. LDB/Broker felgerkarb

FuBar2Broker still works - the version string in its ToC is the only thing that hasn't been updated, and this can be remedied by going to your AddOns screen at the character selection screen and clicking "Load out-of-date AddOns" at the top of the AddOn list.

OR: You can look here to find LDB plugins which outright replace their FuBar equivalents.
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Default Re: More FuBar vs. LDB/Broker felgerkarb

The "Interface" number listed in an addon's TOC file doesn't mean "this addon is only compatible with this version of WoW". Instead, it's meant to be a quick way to determine "when this addon was last updated". Most patches don't change anything that most addons need to be updated for. I know I'm not the only person around here still using addons that haven't been updated since the WoW 1.x days.

Some addon authors do post "updates" on patch day that don't do anything besides change one or two digits in their TOC file, to tell WoW the addon was updated. As an addon author myself, I feel that it's a waste of my time to change a few digits and upload a whole new version of my addon when nothing really changed. And as someone who uses about 125 addons, I feel that it's an even bigger waste of my time to download and install all of those non-updates every time there's a WoW patch. And last but not least, I'm sure that Curse and WoWInterface would prefer not to have to pay for the bandwidth consumed by all the users downloading all these non-updates.
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