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Lightbulb Baleroc Shard Healer Rotation Addon

We constantly wipe on this boss as our healers keep getting mixed up on whose turn it is to heal the shard guy. Calling it out at the same time that shard dps is being called out adds to their confusion.

In any case, I have seen the beginnings of addons for the shard dps rotation, but none to automate the healer rotation yet.

I was hoping someone might create a simple Baleroc healer addon that will basically just cycle through a provided list of healer names every time a new shard appears.

1) a) Addon configuration will have the following blanks:
Healer 1: _______
Healer 2: _______
Healer 3: _______
Healer 4: _______
Healer 5: _______
Healer 6: _______

where we fill in the healers' names. Healers 4-6 would be left blank for 10 mans, and not be counted in the rotation.

b) Addon will also be configurable as to whether warnings and announcements will be announced in raid warning, whisper or both.

2) Addon will then activate during the Baleroc encounter and cycle through the provided names, doing the following:
  • Give a 5 second warning before next shard alerting the healer whose turn it is next, either through whisper or raid warning (or both)
  • Announce when the shard has actually come out and again state the name of the healer in charge of shard, either through whisper or raid warning (or both)

I don't know how simple or difficult this may be to create, but our healers and I would be everlastingly grateful (and perhaps other healers too who are struggling on Baleroc).

P. S. The encounter timer for shards could just be copied from existing boss mods such as Bigwigs.

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