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Default IMPORTANT: If you want help with your code, SHOW US YOUR CODE.

1. If you want help with your code, SHOW US YOUR CODE.

We can't read your mind, or see your screen. We don't know what your code looks like. We don't know what changes you have tried to make. We don't know what your error message says. If you want us to help you with your code, we need to actually see your code.

Don't post pseudo-code. Your addon is not a trade secret or national security. If you are not willing to show the actual code you are working with, we cannot answer any questions about why it doesn't work, what you are doing wrong, or what you need to change.

If your code is more than 20-30 lines, use a pastebin service:If you want to show us screenshots, use an image hosting service:Don't use the forum's attachment feature for screenshots, since it will shrink them down to a useless size.

2. If you have an error message, SHOW US THE ERROR MESSAGE.

Also, we need to see the full, unaltered contents of the file generating the error. Otherwise, we have no idea which lines in your code post belong to which line numbers in the error message.

We want to help. We really do. But if you won't show us the code you're having problems with, you're probably not going to get any help.

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