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Default Using string.sub and returned text

Not sure how I should have worded the title, it's probably inaccurate.

Either way, I am working on an addon that builds an array of character's names through slash commands.

I want it to basically do this. The addon is called ScrubAway, I want it to add the character's name to the array through this command:

/sa add Playersname
And through that it grabs the text added after /sa add and inserts it into the table.

I was thinking: Oh I can use string.sub from the 9th character to the end. However I realized I would require the string for the string.sub function.

Is this possible? To save the string that is placed at that command so that my string sub can run the variable?

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks guys!
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Default Re: Using string.sub and returned text

To capture "Playersname", you could do something like this in your slash handler: (the slightly more foolproof way)
	local cmd, arg = msg:match("%s*(%S+)%s+(%S+)")
The first argument of your slash handler (msg) is what comes after the base slash command + one whitespace character, so "add Playersname", in this case. And in this function, cmd will be "add" and arg "Playersname".
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