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Default "Fog Horn" Addon

What I'm looking for in this addon is a 200x200 form, with a very large button on it saying "Ready Check", That when this button is pushed it checks that the person activating it is the raid leader. If this check is successful it activates a check and sends a message to all members in the raid(who also have the same addon), which when this message is received activates in game sound(same as pressing cntrl+s) and plays the sound file "FogHorn.XXX"(xxx being what ever type of sound file wow requires) and then disables sounds if it was not enabled previously.

Also for the raid leader after pressing the key when the sound plays it also sends back to the raid leader a message(that contains their player name and some kind of random code). Also after pushing this button, a screen comes up for the raid leader, and when this message is received by him it confirms that each player has the add-on installed. (Could also be another icon that shows on the raid info under the communication tab).

However I know there are others out there like this but I'm looking for one custom made, if someone could/show me how to do the first paragraph, I could figure out the second.

Note: I'm also new to creating wow addons, and am Looking for a small starting point and I thought this would be perfect.
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Default Re: "Fog Horn" Addon

I'm pretty confused about what the purpose of this addon would be. You don't need an addon to initiate a ready check. You don't need an addon to respond to a ready check. You don't need communication between different players' addons to play a sound when a ready check happens. The raid leader can already see how everyone responded to the ready check, and who didn't respond. Forcing everyone in your raid to install an addon that doesn't even do anything seems counterproductive.
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