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Old 02-15-2012   #401
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Hi there, having a bit of an issue with SUF, but it is specific to the 64-bit client (the problem actually doesn't exist with the 32-bit client).

When targeting an enemy (either through the target, target of target, focus target, focus target target or pet target frames), an enemy with no power will have an "extended" power bar. Targeting an enemy or friendly target through any of the above will work correctly and the bar is correct.

Here's an image to describe what I mean:

My power bar works fine (as does anything with a power bar, regardless of power type). Anything without power does not work correctly. There isn't an option to disable the power bar that I can find without disabling ALL power bars for the units in question, though it would be nice if I could disable it for units that have no power - if I'm missing this option, can you tell me where to find it? Otherwise, I can't seem to find any options to fix this issue without screwing up how power bars are displayed when targets DO have power bars.

For comparison, this is what it looks like with the 32-bit client running:

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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Ok... I hope the dev is still working on this.. cause it seems that it's been alrdy more than 2 months since he last posted a reply on this wall..

This UF is really great I'm loving it, very user friendly.
But I dunno why but sometimes debuffs are not shown correctly.
Some debuffs are shown after the debuff has been worn off such as "fading Light" that Ultraxion casts does not show until i'm done. Now i'm only off with dbm, cautiously listening for any countdowns after fading light has been casted on me. Is there anyway to fix this?
I'm really urgent please help....

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Old 02-23-2012   #403
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Rogue poison duration shows up as false timer. For example, my poisons have 40 minutes left, but the buff under my unit frame says 3 minutes.
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Old 02-26-2012   #404
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Does anyone know where is the option for placing the words, like "left side", "right side", "central" etc?
It was correctly set at the old 3.x version before I afk, but just somehow cannot be found now.
I want it precisely placed but not by adjusting the X axis which various in different length cases.
Hope someone could help me.
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Old 03-11-2012   #405
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Is there a way to display the "percent hp" as a simple numerical value, sans the percent sign? For example, simply have it display as "100" instead of "100%" etc?

Also, would it be possible to see a feature added to SUF like this one for Pitbull? It is a simply bar that shows your GCD. Thanks for maintaining this great addon.

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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

After breezing through the 41 pages of posts for this forum, I did not see a simple issue to which I had a question.

Looking through the addon options, I did not see a way to reverse the direction of the health, cast, resource bars. I would like for my health to deplete from left to right, opposite of the default. Is there a way?

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Old 03-30-2012   #407
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

I recently came back to the game and was curious to try and recreate a setup I had on SUF a long time ago.

On my Druid I had custom text tags set up to show the remaining duration on my HoTs (WG, Rejuv, Regrowth) in different colors for each HoT, along with Lifebloom duration and stacks (stacks were shown by a different color for each, yellow, green).

I found the code for these tags buried in some forum long ago and for the life of me can't find it anymore. Would anyone knowledgeable on the subject be gracious enough to attempt to recreate them for me?

I know the Aura Indicators module can do something similar, but I'm left with colored boxes with an annoying cooldown wheel in addition to duration text, overlapping text already on the frame and very difficult to line up. The original solution I used worked much smoother and was much more intuitive to use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-31-2012   #408
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Not really a bug what I found but worth mentioning: when copying from one profile to another everything works, but copied aura filters do not show up in the interface until the first ui reload.

Great addon - love it! With the aura filters I was even able to eliminate satrina buff frames from my addon list :P
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Old 04-18-2012   #409
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Is there anyway to remove the gap between buff icons in raidframes?
I have seen you say it might not ever be a default option, but is there anyway for me to do it manually in the lua files?

It annoys me alot that it has to take up so much space.

Besides that I LOVE the addon, just switched from Pitbull
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Old 05-14-2012   #410
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Are there any current plans to add the smooth bars update back? I loved it so much . Is it complicated?
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