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Default Decliner - Automatically declines common player interactions

Screenshot of the options

While leveling a guildless toon, I've noticed that unsolicited invites and duel requests are common. Yea, there's options to block guilds and trades, and addons to block duels, but something in me sparked some interest in coding, as I've done in the past for Javascript and minor Batch files for personal use. After finding several abandoned addons that used to do what I wanted to do, my mind was set.

Create an addon that blocks player interactions while letting through players you want.

Learning Lua and the WoW API was a rewarding process, developing Decliner over the past year. Here's part of my addon's description page:

automatically declines:
  • duel requests
  • pet-battle duel requests
  • group invites
  • guild invites
  • guild petitions
  • trade requests
  • channel invites

from players when:
  • you haven't recently whispered them
  • they aren't in your party or raid
  • they aren't in your guild
  • they aren't on your friends list
  • they aren't a friend

  • Blocks sounds and other ui messages

    All the clicks, event sounds, and chat/info text that occurs from interactions are silenced when an action is blocked. If you disabled notifications, you wouldn't know if anything was blocked at all.

  • Spam prevention

    You will be notified only once within a certain time if a player is repeatedly sending you blocked invites or requests. The more they send, the longer that specific notification is hidden.

  • Forgetting players you whispered

    After some time, players that were allowed because you whispered them will be forgotten.

  • Opening group invites when you need them

    Sometimes you need an invite to a world boss group or to get a portal from someone nearby. When you say "invite" or "portal" in a public message, anyone will be allowed to invite you. Once you join a group, change zones, or after 5 minutes, invite blocking will return to normal.
    You can edit the words that trigger open invites, as well as what channels are watched, in the options.

Type /decliner, /decline, or /dcl for the options.
As a preemptive reply, since I've gotten this comment before, the only three options Blizzard has is "Block Trades", "Block Guild Invites", and "Block Chat Channel Invites" and they are all or nothing. Decliner, as described above, lets players through based on what options you set.

I hope this addon is useful to many people. I use the curseforge ticket system for bugs, issues, and suggestions. I'll keep an eye on this thread as well and welcome any kind of reply, but to keep things organized, I would appreciate tickets.
Want to block invites, duels, etc.? Check out Decliner (thread)
Don't like combat text on frames? Check out No Combat Text

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Default Re: Decliner - Automatically declines common player interactions

Updated for Legion. Remember to go to to report bugs, issues, and suggestions. I can't fix what I haven't found.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this addon while I was on random low characters on a few realms. I appreciate everyone's patience of me asking in trade, general, and lfg for requests. I hope my addon continues to be an effective firewall for those that want or need it.

Since this is simply an update post in a relevant thread, given that a major patch occurred since the start of this thread, this is not a necro.
Want to block invites, duels, etc.? Check out Decliner (thread)
Don't like combat text on frames? Check out No Combat Text
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block, decline, duel, invite, trade

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