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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

So I've got one quick request, because I can't figure out how to do it on Shadowed. Demonology Warlocks now have an icon on the default UI that tracks their temporary demons from Call Dreadstalkers and Hand of Gul'dan. Is there an option to have Shadowed do this as well, and if not can there be?

Pic to show what I'm talking about:
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Default Hide Player Frame When Blizz Vehicle UI Up

Is it possible to hide the player frame, or any other frame for that matter, when in a vehicle and the default Blizz frame is up? I place my player and target frames in the lower centre part of the screen and they really get in the way. Thanks for the mod and all the hard work!
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Default Re: Shadowed Unit Frames [official]

Not sure if I'm stupid and missing something, but it seems like I can't currently remove the bar for Arcane Charges from my Unit Frames. My main is a DK and I did remove the runes from his frame from an option in the "Class/misc bars" page, so it seems like the bar for Arcane Charges should be found there, too.

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Default Multiple font types


I was wondering if it's possible to have multiple fonts in use, lets say i want one font type, size and outline on my targets name but a different type, size and outline on my targets HP.

Is it in any way achievable if i create a custom tag or is there another way of doing it ?
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