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Default Re: Bartender4 - Official Topic

Skill placement is saved by the default UI on the game server. There are some addons however that allow you to store this information in profiles. I am not certain if this one still works, but it is what I thought of off the top of my head:
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Default Re: Bartender4 - Official Topic

I'm having an issue on one specific character through all my accounts this character is the only one who cannot open the configuration menu for Bartender4. I can't right click the mini map icon, I can't type /bt or /bartender, the addon simply won't let me get into the menu's for bartender. I can use the left click function and move the bars around but that's it. I've never had this issue before and I've been using the addon for years now.

Please help. Thank you
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Default Re: Bartender4 - Official Topic

Im new to your add on and was wandering if there is a way to put the fishing button in to the extra bar spot?
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Default Re: Bartender4 - Official Topic

Hi, I got a problem when using Masque together with Bartender4. The bag bar always has remaining default blizz border (all except the main backpack icon), no matter which Masque module I use. Could you please remove it ?

Also, could you add an option to move the count text on the bagbar, along with its scale ? (:
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