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Default Re: New dev tool - Addon Studio for World of Warcraft

Sorry for that
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Default Re: New dev tool - Addon Studio for World of Warcraft

I'm actually the one who did the port of AddOn Studio to 2010 in sort of a rather heritic type move as usual, and my version isnt affiliated with the one on codeplex at all.

Its not baked by far, though a lot has been fixed. Ive worked on game engines and game production tools before. In practice there are usually a mix of visual style tools and do-it-by hand, and a huge number of build and process tools.

There will probalby be no Lua Studio. I was to my suprise contacted by Daniel Fernadez today via e-mail, who is one of the project managers at MS and the reason that tool was created.

AddOn Studio is not really for the faint of heart atm. A noob would benifit by the working shell being generated to start to understand what is what, benifit form teh auto wow detection and ability to in a few click see their addon in wow running, and get a chance to play wiht a few things but after that gets hard. There are a bunch of things if you are very familiar with AddOn dev and distribution, like workign integrated SSC, and ability to load the toolkit as a web project to explore the scripts and frames in a lua and wow aware way, and for what its worth and as much as ti works, see your UI without having to play deploy reload as much, and a ton of other things. But it needs a great deal of work still.

I have seen real world examples in real places making real games, and do belive that visual tools are possible for game production, though its nto always the first priority. I do think it has its place, and at some point be the eventual future.

More later...

If you wish I'd like to start a AddOn Studio project thread, and if it pleases the powers that be, would like to ask about the whole issue of curse pages for binary projects again, that arnt necessariliy AddOns.

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Default Re: New dev tool - Addon Studio for World of Warcraft

If you are the official author/maintainer of a new "addon studio" project, and have something ready for public consumption, feel free to start a new thread with information and links. Otherwise, quit bumping a 3-year-old thread.
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