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Old 08-07-2008   #1
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Default The New Curse Client

The new curse client has been a hot topic in the Wowace's Plans for the Future thread. So I want to make a place for people to discuss it exclusivly.

I'll be reading/answering myself but will also be directing Kolie to this thread so he can answer questions as well.
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

What will be the differences between WAU and the Curse client?
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

Will the new client have similar functionality as WAU to detect source control view folders?

For example, for better or worse, my addon folder also is setup for SVN hooks. This way I can make changes and test those changes by just reloading the user interface in WoW. I also can use the same folder for commits and diffs to previous versions. I realize it is probably a better practice to have two separate folders (one for development, another for source control management), but there is a convenience for managing both tasks in one place.

Currently, WAU does not update or obliterate files in addon directories that are also used for SVN view management. Will the new client also have the capability to detect this?
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

The client has the ability to completely ignore certain directories, if they are in the "managed" addons list. To do so you simply right click it, and change its "Toggle Auto Updated" option.

The client as a whole relies much less on the file system, and more on its internal representation of your addons. Once it picks up an addon as installed from the filesystem, that is all the interaction it has with it until it goes to update an addon, uninstall an addon, what have you, and the correspoding filesystem action is taken.
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

Perhaps you could;

1. Post download links (direct file links or FTP listings, not webpages or whathaveyou)
2. Screenshots
3. Details on what framework was used to develop the client
4. Details on what operating systems it will run
5. List all the features in the client that are not DIRECTLY related to addon management, if any
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

Rabbit: downloading link.
The installers and information can be found in one click on that page, specifically the installers. I'd post a direct file link, but for longevity of relevance ( I update the installer pretty frequently ) it's the main project page.

The client is written in C++ and will work on windows xp sp2 or later, vista, mac os x, and linux under GTK. 32/64bit doesnt care. The current beta only has the windows version out. The plan is to polish a perfect windows version for release, and have a mac release shortly after ( weeks not months ).

Not a comprehensive listing of all features in the client, but they are:
Screenshot capturing and saving.
Warhammer addon support.
Integration with and for character profiles.
Game settings synchronization ( in the code, not visible to the user ).
Error reporting, client usage statistics included. ( client version, current app uptime, cpu speed, free ram, free disk space, etc. all non identifiable. )
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

Will the WowAce-tailored functionality have the ability to show revision numbers and consolidated changelogs so that community testers will know what new features/fixes to test when they update development versions of their addons? Without a functional fisheye-type tool, it's going to be a huge pain to maintain awareness of addon changes.
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

The client is getting the ability to show changelogs shortly.
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

When will it start looking at WowAce for ace2 addons and such so I won't be attacked with thousands of compilations?
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Default Re: The New Curse Client

After the wowace transition the client will refer to wowace addons as well as addons ( assuming it supports psyn, the curseforge software does support it out of the box ).

The problem with compilations is two fold:
Compilations exist in their current form. I'm working on changing the representation of compilations.
The compilation shows up if the actual addon isnt on but the compilation has it. The solution here is have the authors post a upload. The client can also pull info from wowace.
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