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Data Broker AddOns Addon threads for displays and plugins using LibDataBroker.

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Default What is this LDB and Broker and stuff? And where did my FuBar plugins go?!?!

LDB (LibDataBroker) is a new interface that allows "Any Plugin" to be displayed "Anywhere".

Previously, you had TitanPanel + Titan plugins.
And you have FuBar + FuBar plugins.
And never should they meet.

Things speaking the LDB spec though, are much lighter in size, and can be displayed ... pretty much anywhere!

Addons that can display your LDB plugins
  • Fortress - freely movable, dockable blocks
  • StatBlockCore - freely movable, dockable blocks
  • ButtonBin - puts many LDB plugins inside a box.. or bar.. or several!
  • TitanPanel - now has built-in LDB support
  • FuBar + Broker2FuBar - make FuBar also display LDB plugins
  • Carousel
  • MakeRocketGoNow
  • Barrel - puts icons around your minimap ("Minimap herpes" to some)

You can even run several of these! Most of them can be configured to only show certain plugins, so you can e.g. have some showing in a bar, some hiding in a popout menu, etc... Use your imagination!

LDB differentiates between "Data objects" (things showing actual info) and "Launchers" (an icon just popping out a menu), making it easy to display data in one place, and have clicky-icons in one.

But what about my old FuBar plugins?

If you want to run something other than FuBar, you can use FuBar2Broker to move all of your FuBar plugins to be displayed in your LDB displayer of choice.

More info

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Default Re: What is this LDB and Broker and stuff? And where did my FuBar plugins go?!?!

So I guess Mikk is back in the thick of things.

Way to make a nice sticky and totally forget to link to the existing infos.
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Default Re: What is this LDB and Broker and stuff? And where did my FuBar plugins go?!?!

Here's some more infos:
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broker, fubar, ldb, libdatabroker, plugin

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