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Ace2 Ace2 framework discussion

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Default Re: Ace2 End-Of-Life Discussion

I'd vote for deleting it. I've always gotten the impression that projects can be rejected even if they aren't in violation of anyone's copyright, especially library projects.
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Default Re: Ace2 End-Of-Life Discussion

I think you need to be very careful and maintain good governance of the repo. If the license allows cloning there isn't much you can do for revisions released under that license.

Otherwise do what you need to.
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Default Re: Ace2 End-Of-Life Discussion

We can't stop them from forking it, sure. But just because the license allows it doesn't mean we have to enable the facilities to do it on the page.

We don't delete projects,we just ship them off to CurseForge land if we don't want them on WoWAce.

In any case, no fork has any chance of succeeding, imho. I will definitely not allow it on WoWAce (we do have a project acceptance policy in place here), and some Ace2 fork on CF does not stand much chance of being popular. Considering all projects still using Ace2 are pretty much abandoned, there isn't much chance of those projects actually using that fork, anyway.

I would vote for just ignoring them.
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