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Default 4.0.6 change to PlaySound() & PlaySoundFile()

Rejoice! You can now unlink your addon sounds and game sounds again.

PlaySoundFile() and PlaySound() have been updated to accept an optional second argument, allowing addon authors to designate which sound bus/channel to play the sound on. If the optional second argument is omitted, the functions behave as normal (current behavior).

PlaySound("sound" [, "channel"])
PlaySoundFile("sound" [, "channel"])

"channel" is a string with the following possible values. Using "Master" will ignore other sound levels.
  • "SFX"
  • "Music"
  • "Ambience"
  • "Master"
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Default Re: 4.0.6 change to PlaySound() & PlaySoundFile()

It's about time! (tm)
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