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Default oUF_Adirelle - my oUF-based unit frames

Hello there,

oUF_Adirelle is a complete unit frame addon built on top of the oUF framework. After more than an year of existence, I am getting it out of the woods. I originally started to build it to replace Grid, because at that time it was causing severe FPS drops (that have been fixed since). So it started with a group grid-like layout. Then I felt the need to replace the base unit frames, so I added them. Then came the boss unit frames and the arena enemies. I ended up with a complete unit frame system.

Originally there was not any configuration option, beside moving and scaling the frames. All layouts, features and behaviors were hard-coded, as for a long time only me and a few friends of mine were using it. However, I recently added a configuration panel with some options. So I am publishing it now in case someone would find it useful.

As for AdiBags, the addon is aiming at being functional out of the box. It is not meant to be highly configurable ; Pitbull4 would be better at this. I think one of the strength of oUF_Adirelle is the group (de)buff display. I borrowed Grid's indicator concept and hardcoded a lot of class and encounter buffs. See more details there.

Please note configuration panel is available only since version 1.8-beta.

Project page :
Ticket tracker :
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