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Default TradeSkillClearButton

Adds a Clear Button to the TradeSkill Search Box.

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Old 09-01-2012   #2
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Default Re: TradeSkillClearButton

Hi, I really like this addon but it's unreliable. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. Just seems random whether it will appear or not.
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Default Re: TradeSkillClearButton

Well, I wrote this little addon (or fix) because Blizzard forget to add a Clear Button to the TradeSkill frame.
Every other ingame search field has a Clear Button... expect the TradeSkill frame...

Because of that the TradeSkill searchfield (+TradeSkillClearButton) works a bit different compared to other searchfields (with a default Clear Button). This differences are really tiny, but I do not want to mess around in the TradeSkill searchfield focus/text display to make it work like others. By the way: not all search field with a default Clear Button works the same way (compare Backpack and EncounterJournal)...

TradeSkillClearButton simply adds a button and is not changing any default things in the TradeSkill frame.
TradeSkillClearButton is only visible if the searchfield has focus or is not empty.

If Blizzard adds a Clear Button to the TradeSkill frame this addon is history anyway.
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Unhappy Re: TradeSkillClearButton

it's so strange that blizzard would not add this to their UI. after years of testing & comments, something so simple yet so helpful...

yeah. i'm not having much luck with your addon. sometimes it appears and others it doesn't.

thanks for trying to fill in the gap blizzard left behind though. *bows*
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