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Default chat_msg_loot


frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)

In the function that followed this I am taking only messages that concern
loot being received and putting them in another chat window, a loot window.

I discard roll messages and other assorted crapola and do nothing with them.

I expected my loot window to only have messages concerning loot received.

That is exactly what I got.

However, since I did literally nothing will all other messages on this event, even the main chat window, that normally tells you all about stupid rolling information no longer contained roll information, except of course the loot received messages.

I posit that the normal chat_loot_msg handler that I must be overwriting would do that.

Please don't ask for my bad embarrassing code, it is merely implementation of exactly what I describe here.

psuedo version

if (received_flag) then
send message to window3
do nothing

The question I am asking is does my included code for registering this function as chat_loot_msg event handler overwrite the normal code that
would send those roll messages to the primary chat window?

Thanks in advance. =)
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Default Re: chat_msg_loot

It depends on what 'frame' is. One that you created, or one of the existing ChatFrameN windows?
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Default Re: chat_msg_loot

Originally Posted by phillydave View Post
Please don't ask for my bad embarrassing code, it is merely implementation of exactly what I describe here.
No matter how bad you think your code is, seeing the real code is always better than seeing some useless pseudocode. Some random crap you typed up to summarize what your code does (or what your code is supposed to do, or what you think your code does, etc.) does not tell anyone anything about what your code really does. If there is something wrong with your code, we need to actually see the code in order to tell you what is wrong. I don't know why so many people don't get this.
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Default Re: chat_msg_loot

Farmbuyer, this line preceded the code I had posted last time.

local frame = CreateFrame("Frame")


frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)

This frame is my locally created one for my first attempt at designing an addon to accomplish something simple, apparently however I must be simple in more ways than one. The moderator unlike Jimmy Stewart in Harvey prefers smart to pleasant. Wish I was either.

Thank you however for seeing I was not asking about the implementation or functionality of my "missing" function.

As to your question, the frame is one I created.
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Default Re: chat_msg_loot

.. can you please put all of your code in Code-tags?

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Default Re: chat_msg_loot

Well, I'm going to have to go with Phanx. Based on your description and pseudo code; no, what you're saying is not what is happening. That, or this unexpected behaviour is not actually related to your code. No one will be able to tell you anything else, I'm afraid.

If you don't care for comments about bad code formatting and/or habits, that's fine. People may or may not disregard that per your request, but like Phanx said, we need to know exactly what you're doing, not just what you think you're doing.

To answer your question; no, making a new frame and registering a chat event will not affect other chat frames.
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Default Re: chat_msg_loot


Thank you so much for your take on my question. I appreciate your and Phanx's take on that nature of my query and will think long on it.

Your answer at the end matches what I already I had heard from some other authors who weirdly did not require or care about seeing a properly formatted, sorry Ketho, version of that function, they said I had not posited a query that necessitated evaluating that code. I think it more likely after reading the responses here that my question does require what you request. I shall be back often with better questions.

Again, thanks.

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